Recommended for existing buildings

WINS Fast is a very fast and easy to install three-layer window sealing system, which does not require special preparation of the substrate. Versatile - it does not depend on the joint width. Excellent for window repairs and replacements It provides a weatherproof sealing and acoustic insulation. Perfect where the speed of installation is relevant.

Recommended use:

  • single-layer walls,
  • ouble-layer walls (ETICS),
  • framed walls,
  • three-layer walls without the jamb.

Possible application

  • insulation and sealing of joinery in new buildings.

Main features of the system

  • 4x faster installation than traditional textile foils,
  • precise application and guarantee of permanent tightness,
  • 10 years of UV resistance.

WINS Flex products

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Folia płynna WINS zewnętrzna

Bucket 2,4 litres
WINS external liquid foil 2,4l See product
Sausage 600 ml
WINS external liquid foil 600ml See product
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Piana pistoletowa WINS Fast