Technical specification

Tytan Professional WINS Flex foam is a highly flexible polyurethane foam with low post-expansion and regular structure, which dampens vibrations. It is a part of the 3-layer WINS Flex window insulation and sealing system. It is a perfect solution for sealing and insulating the space between the reveal and windows and doors frames, made of wood, metal or PVC. It protects even the largest windows from deformation In the WINS Flex system it constitutes the filling of the layer n. 2 (area 2), i.e. the insulation area, and its function in the system is primarily insulation. Recommended for the insulation and sealing of joinery in new buildings, especially for large joinery. It can also be used to replace windows in existing buildings. It adheres well to most building substrates. WINS Flex foam is a foam specially designed for the WINS Flex system and together with liquid foil coatings on the inside and outside, it creates excellent insulation and sealing of the joint between the frame and the reveal.

Parameter Value
Thermal conductivity coefficient λ 0,035 W/mK
Acoustic insulation ≤ 62 dB
Width of the expansion joint min. 10 mm, maks. 30 mm
Recommended substrate temperature for application min. -10°C, maks +35°C
Recommended substrate temperature for application min. -10°C, maks +35°C
Skin formation time (+23 °C / 50% RH) 10 minuty
Open time (+23 °C/ 50% RH) 30 minut
Full cure time (+23 °C/ 50% RH) 1,5 h
Yield (free foaming) for 48 l
Yield in gap do 39 l
oam expansion (post-expansion) 40 – 80%
Cutting time ≤ 30 minut
Flammability class B2
Sustainability and hazardous substances Does not contain CFC, HCFC, does not emit TVOC, MDI, ammonia, formaldehyde; does not affect the ozone layer

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Easy-to-install, innovative 3-layer window sealing and insulation systems consist of integrated products which, when used as a system, provide a quality of the frame-to-reveal joint in accordance with the Sealing and insulation standard for joints between the reveal and the frame developed by Selena.