Technical specification

Tytan Professional WINS internal liquid foil is a single-component compound, chemically neutral and adhesive to most construction materials. Creates a flexible, low vapour-permeability membrane. Due to its flexibility, it is suitable for sealing various fissure sizes in which small joint movements may occur. It is reinforced with polymer fibres.

Parameter Value
Colour dark grey, anthracite
Width of the expansion joint: min. 10 mm, maks. 30 mm
Recommended substrate temperature for application: min. +5°C, maks. +70°C
Recommended substrate temperature for application: min +5°C, maks. +30°C
Temperature of use after curing: +30°C do +80°C
Minimum coating layer thickness: 2 mm
Maximum coating layer thickness: 3 mm
Curing time in temperature min. +5°C, 50% RH: 2 mm / 5 h
Curing time in temperature min. +23°C, 50% RH: 2 mm / 2,45 h
Curing time in temperature max. +30°C, 50% RH: 2 mm / 2,10 h
Equivalent diffusion resistance factor Sd: 30 m
Longitudinal tensile strength: 1,04 MPa, ISO 527-1 2012
Relative elongation at break – longitudinal: 140%, ISO 527-1 2012
Consumption sausage 600 ml according to the calculator
Storage temperature: +5°C do +30°C
Clean The fresh material is removed with water and the cured one – mechanically

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