Technical specification

Tytan Professional WINS Fast self-adhesive polyurethane foam based expansion tape for sealing between the window and the reveal or between the window and the plastered internal surface of the jamb. It is flexible and it compensates for the movement of the structure. Compatible with substrates made of aluminium, PVC, wood, silicates, concrete, cellular concrete, ceramic hollow bricks, brick, plaster, etc. Does not react with PU foam and MS Polymer based sealants.

Parameter Value
Colour black
Tape width / Gap depth 15 mm
Recommended substrate temperature for application min. +5°C, maks. 30°C
Resistance to driving rain ≥ 600 Pa
Air tightness a < 1,0 m3 / [(hm(daPa)n]
Resistance to temperature changes -20°C do + 80°C
Fire class B1
Noise reduction RST,Rw,max = 59 dB
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,046 W/mK
Equivalent diffusion resistance factor Sd < 0,5 m
Thermal insulation λ= 0,046 W/mK

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Easy-to-install, innovative 3-layer window sealing and insulation systems consist of integrated products which, when used as a system, provide a quality of the frame-to-reveal joint in accordance with the Sealing and insulation standard for joints between the reveal and the frame developed by Selena.