What is WINS?

assumes that the installation works of construction joinery, which also include the assembly of facade windows and balcony doors, are part of the investment process related to the construction or modernization of residential or commercial buildings. For this reason, they should be designed and implemented in a manner specified in regulations, including technical and construction regulations, and in accordance with the principles of technical knowledge, ensuring compliance with

  • Simple and clear offer: 3 systems – the answer to the three most common application cases
  • Easy to use, allowing 4x faster work compared to standard systems based on textile tapes
  • 20-year warranty on tightness
  • Dedicated user training and certification program

WINS Systems

  • They regulate the flow of water vapor in the joint, which prevents condensation and fungal infection of the jambs
  • They don’t allow uncontrolled air infiltration, which increases the thermal and acoustic insulation of the joint.

WINS systems consist of integrated products such as foam and liquid tapes which ensure a excellent tightness of joint between the jamb and the frame. Selena’s standard of sealing and insulation meets the requirements of highly energy-efficient and ecological construction.


  • Installation tightness even at hurricanes with a speed of up to 160 km / h
  • Extremely high UV resistance – 10 years
  • There is no possibility of condensation and fungus at the joint
  • Energy efficiency at the level of low-energy buildings
  • Maintaining the thermal and acoustic insulation parameters of the installed window
  • Eliminating the need for special substrate preparation and jamb priming
  • Easy application
  • Savings of installation time and joint sealing, up to 4 times
  • No frame distortion possible
  • Does not discolour the window frames
  • No emission of harmful substances during installation and during the use of the building
  • Certainty of the solution – minimizing the possibility of execution errors during installtion, as well as as a result of further construction works
  • Easy cleaning of possible dirt both on tools and the place of application



The first prestigious TOP BUILDER 2021 award in the novelty and innovation category went to WINS Systems – the New Standard of window insulation based on liquid foil. This title is awarded to the best products and services in the construction industry. This is the 13th edition of the competition, in which the main criterion was HIGH QUALITY SOLUTIONS!


Innovative Joinery Industry Solutions – go to WINS!

Another award went to WINS Systems! WINS – Insulation and sealing systems based on liquid foils – were awarded as INNOVATIVE SOLUTION IN THE JOINERY INDUSTRY (IRBS) 2021!
Every year, the IRBS program distinguishes the best solutions in the joinery industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the Polish economy. Selena – as a producer of WINS Systems, takes an active part in its development, creating innovations dedicated to professional contractors.


Systemy WINS

Rekomendowany dla
nowego budownictwa

WINS Flex to wysoko elastyczny, wysoce odporny na ekstremalne warunki pogodowe system trzywarstwowego montażu okien, niewymagający specjalnego przygotowania podłoża. Chroni nawet największe okna przed deformacją, doskonale przenosi wszystkie drgania budynku i zachowuje szczelność nawet w warunkach silnych obciążeń.

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Rekomendowany dla
zabytkowego budownictwa

WINS Fix to szybki i łatwy w montażu system 3-warstwowego uszczelniania okien w ścianach z węgarkiem bez naruszania warstwy zewnętrznej elewacji. Zapewnia odporną na warunki atmosferyczne szczelność oraz izoluje akustycznie.

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Innowacja 2020

The Sealing and insulation standard for joints between the reveal and the frame covers selected, relevant issues related to the design, execution and functions of the insulation layer and sealing layers. Moreover, it covers the requirements concerning the level of air tightness, resistance to the ingress of rainwater into the room and thermal insulation of joints between windows and reveals, which should be met as a result of proper execution of joinery installation works by means of the integrated WINS 3-layer installation and sealing systems.